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Girls are often considered impure, contaminated and dirty when they menstruate. It is a natural process that must be talked about and change the orthodox mentality is the mission in which we have embarked.

Menstruation is a taboo subject, a topic that many women are uncomfortable discussing in public. We tried to break th silence and build awareness about maintaining a good menstrual hygiene. Sanitary napkin is an essential item in the women hygiene segment. Considering the importance of Menstrual hygiene, Sahyog Care For You, started manufacturing the low cost sanitary napkins, providing women wings to fly on wings to their sanitary napkins. Sahyog Care has a good past background in the distribution of the sanitary napkins through SHG groups. For enhancing women empowerment with sustainable livelihood, Sahyog Care comes with an idea of manufacturing these sanitary napkins. The reason for starting the production was to encourage the women to earn more for herself and for the family. The idea was to provide a low cost absorbent product which helps to absorb and retain body fluid without causing any leakage.



We create awareness on different aspects of menstruation for adolescent girls & women through talks & workshops.

What is Menstruation?

It's important for a women to know what Menstruation is, and why it's important to talk about it. That too at the right time i.e. before her first Period.

Correct usage & disposal

Today the civic authorities and individuals are struggling with the humongous menstrual waste that is being generated. Through dialogue we persuade for adopting better disposal habits.

Dealing with menstrual pain

Irrespective of geographies and age, women grapple with period pain. We are making them aware about the tried and tested Yoga postures for easing menstrual pain.

Myths & Taboos

We are creating a dialogue to look at the taboos and myths with a fresh perspective to accept few and discard some.

Menstrual Hygiene & Disorders

It is required to emphasize on the need and importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene and also different ways to manage the disorders through Yoga, lifestyle changes, etc.

Individual Roles in Society

A small individual Contribution can create a difference in the lives of girls and women around them. We have been able to inspire people to join this movement in different ways and bring a change in the society we live in.



Sahyog Care wants to use this project as an entry point to breach the topic of Menstruation. We plan to conduct awareness sessions for the women to make them realise the importance of maintaining proper personal hygiene, use and proper disposal of the sanitary napkins.

Menstrual Hygiene has always been a matter of worth attention. But, action speaks louder than words when it comes to spread the awareness about using and disposing Sanitary napkins in proper way. Sahyog Care is working in these two areas Awareness generation and Manufacturing of Sanitary Napkins.



Another aim of this project is to create employment opportunities for the slum women. A survey was conducted and a viable and convenient place has been selected to install the sanitary pad making machine. This machine is helping to produce low cost and safe sanitary napkin. The women employed in the production unit now are able to generate income to support themselves and their family. The approach of the project is for the women, by the women. Beneficiaries will be adolescent girls and the women from underprivileged sections of the society who are working in this manufacturing unit and also those females who are using this product.



The menstrual blood consists of tissues, eggs and white discharge which may appear as small pieces when you have periods. So, it is normal to get small pieces of blood sometimes with the menstrual flow. But if it is more in quantity and you get it regularly, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.

During the first two year of menstruation some girls will experience irregular menstrual cycle. It signifies that the reproductive system has not matured full y and it is normal and there is no need to worry about it. But if it continue in later phase also you should consult a doctor.

Definitely, it is very important that girls and women do bath during menstruation to prevent infection. Menstruation is a very normal part of every girl's life. During your period, you can do everything you normally do, including daily bath or shower, exercising, dancing and playing. In fact, you will feel better by continuing your normal routine and find that warm bath is a great way to help with any cramping you may have.

Boys do not get periods because they have different internal reproductive organs compare to girls.

It is medically safe to do anything during menstruation that one normally does, however some girls may feel tired or get cramps which may restrict such activities. One may want to rest more than normal during this period, though this varies from person to person. Do whatever you are comfortable with; there is no risk in engaging in sports or playing games.

There is no reason for a girl/woman to eat or stay separately while having her periods.

The blood that is shed during menstruation is not impure blood. This is actually the shedding of the lining of the endometrium of the uterus which is thickened during the cycle in anticipation of a fertilized egg. That is why the periods are also referred to as "tears of the womb". There is no impurity in the blood associated with menstruation.

The blood that is shed during menstruation is not dirty blood. It has the same composition asthe body blood. Fresh menstrual fluid has no bad odour. Once it comes out of the body and touches the cloth, there is a chemical reaction. Hence dried menstrual fluid has a bad odour.

One can use sanitary napkins depending upon their availability and affordability.

When the blood stained pad or cloth rubs against the thigh, the skin of the thighs gets sore and it becomes difficult to walk. Hence applying cream, oil / powder in the area is helpful. There are also some ointments available in the market to get rid of this problem.



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