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The Joy of Learning (JOL) program was conceptualized keeping in mind the aim to build peaceful and sustainable societies through education. This programs works with the student to build skill set required for the standard he/she is studying. It bridges the existing learning gap and take the innovative approach to raise the learning level of students of class 3rd, 4th and 5th. It works on different parameters and asses on the skill set conceptualised and designed specifically for the primary level student.

The core element of JOL is EMPATHY. Various studies across the World have proven that ‘empathy’ is the one quality which when nurtured in individual, can create positive societies. Reimagining classrooms, curriculums through an awareness of empathy, builds a positive learning ecosystem and facilitates socio-emotional development of children. JOL is the first intervention in India to integrate ‘empathy’ in government school education.

Methodology :

  • Conducting activities relating to identified themes under empathy
  • Modifying classroom delivery methods to teach academic curricula through empathy
  • Building capacities of educators on integrating empathy into classrooms
  • Enhancing physical environment of classrooms to create vibrant and interactive learning spaces
  • Build capacities of school leadership and administrators on creating positive learning ecosystem for students.

The ultimate aim of JOL is to create peaceful and harmonious societies through transformative education.
Sahyog Care is presently working with 14 schools in Gurgaon, 9 school in Palwal and 5 school In Manesar on the concept of JOL.