Khet Talab

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Sahyog care for you organization is involved in the 'Khet Talab Abhiyaan' with the endeavour of some partner NGOs in rural Bundelkhand region. Sahyog started a campaign for the same. Under this scheme a portion of the farmer’s land will be constructed as a pond. The pond filled with rainwater, which will further used for livelihood support in the most decentralized manner, irrigation of the crops & to fulfil basic needs of the family in the farmer's land of farming on a mass scale in the Attara Village of Bundelkhand. Sahyog provided their technical support and guidance to develop ponds with innovative multi usage. 125 people directly Empowered towards the Livelihood & approx 1000 people aware about the cause under the Khet Talab Abhiyaan. People are doing fish farming also in the constructed ponds...Read More