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In Program Humari Smart Shala Sahyog care for you aims to be improving the education eminence in schools, to offer access to digital literacy and labs and to improve infrastructure in schools. The school therefore becomes the epicentre of information and awareness which will in turn improvise the standard of living in the community, also ensure child right to protection, health care, early childhood care and quality education, their participation in governance, safe and healthy living environment, and improved income of families for betterment of children’s future... Read More

  • Bal Panchayat/ Leadership
  • Child Banking
  • Child Education

Bal Panchayat (children’s parliament) is an idea to bring the children together to strengthen their voice and leadership, to provide a platform where they can reach the duty bearer and change-agents in order to prompt their attention towards issues which affect children directly or indirectly. The motive behind forming and facilitating Bal panchayat is to promote the right of participation so that children can speak the unspoken and their unheard voices may be heard.

The Sahyog care for you runs Remedial education centres for children living in slums where children are provided with education. However, Sahyog believes that education, though important, is not enough to help the children concerned, and hence has created Bal Panchayats. Sahyog has 5 groups with 54 children in different slum areas of Delhi. In these Bal Panchayats, children practice the right of participation by expressing their view on issues that affect them and by making plans on how to go about resolving these issues.

Not only the children of Remedial but also children from formal schools and from within the locality are encouraged to form a part of the Bal Panchayats where they can present relevant issues before their teachers, family and community.

Forming a Bal Panchayat

All the children from the Remedial education centres and locality are brought together and they are explained to about the importance and benefit of being united. Following this, the children who want to participate in the Bal panchayat come together in a meeting where the name of Bal panchayat is decided by the children and the children are informed about the working core group. The children decide how many will be in the working core group and the members of the working core group is decided by election. Children who want to become part of the committee address the Bal panchayat and explain how they are suitable candidate, election is done under the supervision of an adult representative of Sahyog.to form a Bal Panchayat in schools, permission is sought from the school authority.
Every Bal panchayat is oriented on leadership, team work, unity and is sensitized on issues related to them and other social issues. A monthly Bal panchayat meeting is organized by Sahyog on the date decided by the Bal Panchayat. All the Bal panchayats of different localities are brought together and a district Bal Panchayat and working core group are formed by election. The district Bal panchayat conducts quarterly meetings.

What do they do?

In the meeting of the Bal panchayat, members discuss about the issues they are facing in their area and then they discuss how these can be addressed. They also seek suggestions from members as well as from the adult facilitator present in the meeting. After discussions they prepare an action plan for the same and in further meetings they plan for follow up.
During events such as World Day against Child Labor, National Anti Child Labor Day, World Environment Day and others; Bal panchayat organize rallies, human chain etc. to spread awareness about relevant issues. For example, on World Environment Day, Bal panchayat organized tree planting, they also participated in different Campaign which has helped in increasing the coverage of campaign.

Works that counts
  • Students of Bawana also did a rally on Dengue, Malaria and Chikanguniya illness topic. Children have a discussion about dengue, Malaria and aware to people and given tips on avoid illness measures. In this rally parents also participated with children and support this rally.
  • Cleanliness rally has done by Mangolpuri centre.
  • BAL PANCHAYAT MEETINGS- members of leadership taken child leadership meetings about personal hygiene and etiquettes or good habits.
  • Take the issue of sanitation & Hygiene and raise awareness of the children, slum children complete with posters campaign and councilor Mr. Sanjay Gupta also took a Rally with children.
  • In the month of July, the children and Teacher together start an activity of making a library. This is a 14 Days activity, in which children and teacher draw a picture of a tree on the wall and hang Wall O Book. on that. In which it held 100 Books of Stories (in Hindi and English) like- Moral story, comics etc.
  • The banking concept from children of Sahyog care for you opened in Corporation Child Bank and managed entirely by children, the bank now has four accounts of children aged between 9 and 16 years in its Delhi branch in slums of Sultanpuri, Mangolpuri, Bawana and Udyog Nagar . The Sahyog care for you has a total of four branches in Delhi, one in Sultanpuri slum area, one in Mangolpuri slum area, one in Udyog Nagar slum area and one in Bawana slum area district with 4 accounts in total...Read More

    The project aims at promoting education with an inbuilt value of all round development of the students. Henceforth Sahyog took this initiative to provide remedial classes to the underprivileged students to ensure improvement in their learning levels. With their efficient staff, Sahyog is not only working on their overall development by providing them quality Education, Remedial Coaching, Leadership issues. And also working ondropout rate due to lack of adequate reading and writing schools by enhancing reading and writing skill of the children. Now these 2500 children who all have attended remedial coaching centres are confident enough to compete with the world.

    Sanitation, Health & Hygiene/Environment

    Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health status as a whole. It not only embraces actions directed at strengthening the skills and capabilities of Individuals but also, towards changing social, environmental, political and economic conditions. Our organization is trying to create awareness in the community on health, hygiene, PNDT, sanitation with special reference to combat malaria and dengue.
    Sahyog care for you has been working in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) with the objective of to generate awareness in the community on health, sanitation, hygiene for more than 5 years, and the ultimate goal of all of Sahyog is child well-being. Sahyog care for you believes that sustainable well-being is impossible without sustainable & equitable access to clean water, dignified sanitation and appropriate hygiene behaviours. To achieve the goal organization started to interact through sessions/Workshops with school students to promote good habits which ensure sanitation and hygiene among them. Sahyog care for you constructed and repaired toilets in 100 MCD schools. 40 awareness camps organized in schools and different communities approx. 2720 women, school girls and boys were participated in programs.

    My Project

    The aim of this project is to be recuperating the education significance in those schools, where HCL volunteer staff studied in their childhood, to offer access to digital literacy &labs, to improve infrastructure and provide other facilities in the schools. The volunteers of the HCL is implementing this school development programs with a sustainable holistic approach with all the core thematic areas (i.e. Child protection, Health and WASH issues) in the primary or secondary schools. Sahyog, as a partner of in 'My School' programme, has been instrumental in providing on field assistance, for the successful implementation of the project by providing the inputs in form of advice, guidance and timely modifications in the interventions, is yet another aspect in which Sahyog has played a vital role. Even Sahyog organised workshops on WASH, Sanitation and hygiene, child sexual abuse and Menstruation & hygiene with 7500 children, teachers, parents and community in My School Programme at Pan India level...Read More