Case Studies


She is a 37 years, resident of Indra basti timarpur civil lines an unauthorized settlements. She belongs to an extremely orthodox Muslim community, and feels remorse for not being able to study during her childhood. When she joined the centre after consistent efforts of Sahyog with her and her family, she was completey illiterate, was very happy with sahyogs initiative. She specially reads the panchtantra books provided in the library though the partnership of Amazon and Sahyog. She feels that not only these books are easy and interesting to read, they also convey moral values which she can teach her children as well. She is currently studying in the litracy centre, she has already taken two six months course. She is a very keen student and enthusiastically takes classes. Mushrat Jahan works as a help in rich houses and works in her home, despite extreme workload she regularly attends her classes. She clearly understands the significance of education and wants to educate her 2 daughters to gain higher studies. She also worked a few days as brand ambassoder for Tata.

Shakuntla Devi

A 97 Year old lady named Ms Shakuntla Devi enrolled at one of our center at Nangloi area, which is running with the support of BSES Rajdhani Power Limited. She is very enthusiastic to attend the classes. She resides with her sons and grand children and is a very avid and student whose attendance is never short. Shakuntala devi is very interested in reading religious books provided by the organization, and conveys that she feels that a new world of books has opened for her and now she is able to follow the topics discussed by her grand children. She now feels extremely empowered as she is able to do a justifiable combination of her experience and skill to read and write. She now guides and gives her inputs to her working sons and also mentors her grand children. To see her dedication and interest, even her daughter-in- law and other women are also started to come to the center for study.


A 26 year young widow, belonging to a joint orthodox muslim family of Nagloi village. The misfortune of becoming a widow at a very young age with two small girl child added to her condition getting more worsened. It took immense patience from the Sahyog staff, for almost six months to convince and sensitise her family and community on a regular basis to send her to women litracy centre. She completed her one year course on developing reading writing skills successfully and was engaged as a caretaker for her children by one of the affluent families residing near her house. Sahyog feels extremely proud to see nargis blooming from an insecure, meek young girl to a bright confident women looking forward to her positive and shining future. She also plans to teach her two daughters and understand the vital role of education in one's life.