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The word “Sahyog” means cooperation in hindi. Working in cooperation with various stakeholders to bring about difference in the lives of underprivileged, deprived women, children and their families and communities is what Sahyog is all about. Sahyog care is a registered voluntary NGO which has been working for the empowerment of marginalized sections of society since 2002. Sahyog Care was started with a view to bring smile in the lives of such people.Read More

Our Main Initiative

Swabhiman Women Empowerment Program
Hamari Smart Shala Overall Child Dev. Program
Material for Work Rural Development
Dakshta Vocational Training

Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies
Child Sexual Abuse If you don't stop it, who will?
Clean4Good Wash & Sanitation and Personal Hygiene

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Current Cases

Tejas Vishnu Barsale (8 years)

Case of Major congenital heart defect

Master Tejas (8 years)is a case of the congenital heart defect at Sir H.N Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Center( Mumbai )under the supervision of Dr k. Shivaprakash. He is Victim of complex congenital heart defect having a large hole in the heart. Apart from this flow of impure blood from the heart to different parts of the body causes the blue color of skin and shortness of breath. According to Dr. open heart surgery required for total correction.

Master Hariom (4years)

Case of Major congenital heart defect

Hariom is suffering from Bicuspid aortic valve.... means; there are two leaflet valves instead of normal three leaflet valve. As per Doctor, Hariom is still recovering at the hospital.

Vaibhav Bhusnar (9 years)

Case of Major congenital heart defect

The surgery was done successfully and he is discharged with a lovely smile.

Soham Dattatray (6 Months)

Case of Major congenital heart defect

He is having complex congenital heart defect, congenital corrected transposition of great arteries, non-Routable Large Ventricular Septal Defect, Severe Pulmonary Stenosis and Significant Hypoxemia.

Sushant Madhukar Talne (3 Years)

Case of Major congenital heart defect

He has Major congenital heart defect. Large VSD defect, additional muscular defect, severe pulmonary hypertension with failure to thrive. He requires early elective one stage closure of large and small VSD's.

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